Halima Atete Net Worth, Age, Movies And Biography.

Halima Yusuf Atete is a famous Nigerian Kannywood actress, movie producer, director and social media influencer.

She is one of the most sought after actress in the Hausa speaking industry due to her amazing skills in acting movies.

Halima Atete Net Worth, Age, Movies And Biography

The beautiful actress rose to stardom in 2012 following her appearance in a movie titled “ASALI”

Since then, Halima Atete has so far appeared in more than 100 movies which has also won her numerous recognition and awards at the City People entertainment awards.

In this post, infoblog will be sharing with you facts you probably didn’t know about this beautiful Hausa actress called Halima Yusuf Atete.

Profile Summary

Full Name: Halima Yusuf Atete

Age: 34 years old

Date Of Birth: 26 November 1988

State Of Origin: Borno State

Occupation: Actress, Director, Producer, Philanthropist, Social Media Influencer

Language: Hausa

Husband: Muhammad Muhammad Kalla

Nationality: Nigeria

Net Worth: $500,000

Halima Atete Net Worth, Age, Movies And Biography

Halima Atete Biography

Halima Yusuf Atete Born (26th November 1988) in Borno, Maiduguri State is a famous Nigerian actress from the Kannywood industry.

Atete is widely known by many for her outstanding roles in Hausa movies, she is one among the best when it comes to acting difficult roles like jealous house wife.

Educational Background

Growing up in Borno State, Halima Atete went to Maigari primary school before proceeding to Government girls secondary school where she attained her SSCE certificate.

Upon the completion of her High school education, the Hausa actress continued to Borno college Of Education. She currently holds an NCE certificate from the prestigious institution.


Halima Atete started her journey towards becoming an actress in 2012 immediately after completing her education, she made her way into the Kannywood industry after her remarkable talents and performance in the blockbuster movie named “ASALI

The movie, ASALI made her more popular in the entertainment industry. Some of her Movies includes:

Halima Atete Movies

  1. Mu’amalat
  2. Igiyar Zato
  3. Bikin Yar Gata
  4. Maidalilin Aure
  5. Soyayya Da Shakuwa
  6. Wata Hudu
  7. Yaudarar Zuciya
  8. Asalina
  9. Kona Gari
  10. Alkalin Kauye
  11. Bani Bake
  12. Kurman Kallo
  13. Dakin Amarya
  14. Matar Jami’a
  15. Wata Rayuwa
  16. Ashabu Kahfi
  17. Ba’asi
  18. Uwar Gulma

Halima Atete Age

Born on the 26th of November 1988, Halima Atete is currently 34 years old now.

Awards And Nominations

Due to her excellent acting skills, Halima Atete has gotten several awards and nominations, some of her notable awards are….

She won the best new actress at the City People entertainment awards in the year 2013.

In 2014, Halima also won the award for the best supporting Hausa actress in Kannywood.

In 2015, the actress was then nominated for the best actress of the Year alongside top actors like Rahama Sadau, Zainab Indomie, Fati Washa and Maryam Yahaya.

Again, in the year 2016, the Kannywood actress got another award for the face of Kannywood.

Personal Life

Halima Atete is a proud Muslim from the northern part of the country. According several sources, she tie the knot with her long time lover, Alhaji Muhammad Muhammad Kalla in November 2022.

Halima Atete Net Worth

Halima Atete is considered as one of the richest Kannywood actresses with an estimated net worth of about $500,000.

Frequently Asked Questions On Halima Atete

Where is Halima Atete from?

She is from Borno State.

How Old Is Halima Atete?

The actress is 34 years old.

Is Halima Atete Married?

Yes, Halima Atete on November 26 2022 got married to her lovely husband named Alhaji Muhammad Muhammad Kalla, the wedding ceremony took place in Kano State with many Kannywood Actors like Adam A Zango, Garzali Miko, Ali Nuhu, Rahama Sadau, Zainab Indomie, Fati Washa and other famous entertainers in attendance.

Why is Halima Atete Popular?

Atete is popular as a result of her wonderful acting performance in Hausa movies.


Halima Atete is a well respected actress in Kannywood, asides acting in the Hausa industry, she has also appeared in a few Nollywood movies. What do you have to say about this amazing actress? Let us know your thoughts below.

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