Dj Ab Net Worth, Age, Career, And Biography.

Haruna Abdullahi popularly known as Dj Ab is one of the fast rising Hausa Rapper from the northern part of the country.

Dj Ab Net Worth, Age, Career, And Biography

His talents and styles of Music has made him the best in the industry. He rose to fame in the year 2011 following the release of a single dubbed “Babarsa” which became a trending song in Nigeria.

Dj Ab is one of his kind when it comes to singing and Rap, currently, he is the fastest Hausa rapper in Nigeria so far. He has received awards and nominations for his wonderful talent in Music.

Profile Summary

Real Name : Haruna Abdullahi

Stage Name : Dj Abba

Age: 29 years old

Date of Birth : December 30, 1993

State Of Origin : Kaduna State, Nigeria

Occupation : Songwriter, Disc Joker, Singer, Rapper, and Producer.

Tribe: Hausa

Religion: Muslim

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Nigeria

Net Worth : $500,000.

Dj Ab Biography

Haruna Abdullahi Born (30th of December 1993) is a famous Nigerian Hausa Rapper, Singer, Producer, and Disc Joker from Kaduna State.

Early Life & Education

Born in a family of 5 as the first son, Dj Ab was brought up in Kaduna State where he completed his primary school education after which he then proceeded to Federal Government College to finalize his High school education.

Dj Ab Net Worth, Age, Career, And Biography

After his graduation from high school, Dj Ab continued his education to tertiary level, he attended Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, where he studied Quantity Surveying as a course.

Career And Rise To Fame

Dj Ab’s career as a songwriter started in 2011 when he established a Music group called Yaran North Side alongside his friends, it all started like a joke when he purchased some musical instruments. Around august 2011, he began producing beats and music covers.

In October 2011, Dj Ab then released his first music single titled “Babarsa” this song made him more popular in Nigeria and since then he has been dropping wonderful Musics.

Due to his outstanding music, Dj Ab became the first Hausa rapper to sign a contract with “EMPAWA AFRICA”

Currently, the young rapper has over 150 songs to his credit, Dj Ab have also collaborated with popular songwriter like Deezell, Classiq, Feezy, Mr Eazi, Hamisu Breaker, and others.

Personal Life

Talking of Dj Ab’s personal Life, he is a proud Muslim from a renowned family in Kaduna State, Dj is still not married as of 2023 and details about his girlfriend is private.

Awards & Recognition

Dj Ab has won and received numerous awards and recognition in the course of his Music career. Some of his lastest awards are….

Dj Ab Net Worth, Age, Career, And Biography

He won the best Hausa Rapper of the year in 2016

In 2017, Dj also received another Award for the best Northern Nigerian Singer by Kaduna entertainment awards.

Dj Ab Songs

  1. Su Baba
  2. Yar Boko
  3. Babarsa
  4. Her Love
  5. Soyyaya
  6. Anfara Physics
  7. No be lie
  8. Boredom
  9. Supa Supa
  10. Masoyiya
  11. Soyayya Dadi
  12. Lukuti
  13. Shikenan
  14. Bay Bay
  15. Kumatu
  16. Ina Da
  17. Ameen
  18. Rai Na
  19. Call my phone
  20. Yar Boko
  21. Crush
  22. Ke da Ni
  23. Yi Rawa
  24. Totally
  25. Voom

Dj Ab Age

Born in 1993, Dj Ab is 29 years old now.

Dj Net Worth

Dj Abba’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000, making him one of the Richest Hausa Rappers in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dj Ab

Is DJ AB rich?

Yes, Dj Ab is very rich, he has a net worth of about $500,000.

How old is DJ AB?

He is 29 years old now

Which course is DJ AB studying?

Dj Ab studied Quantity Surveying at Ahmad Bello University Zaria.

What year did DJ AB start music?

Dj Ab began his Music career in 2011.

Who is Dj Ab’s Brother?

Music runs in Dj Ab’s Family, he has a younger brother called Feezy, who is also a talented Rapper and director too.

Who is Dj Ab’s Girlfriend/Wife?

Details about his lovely girlfriend is unknown, however, according to reports, Dj Ab has a girlfriend called Aisha in Kaduna State.

Is Dj Ab Married?



Dj Ab is no doubt one of the best Hausa Rappers in Nigeria, his Music and Raps are just wow. What can you say about this amazing songwriter? Let us know your thoughts below

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